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Global Postcard Print Swap of 2020


Headed by Emily Woolford,

Supported by People of Print.

Screen Shot 2020-08-17 at 1.28.57 pm.png
Consumerist Budgets - front.jpeg

Butchered Budgets - Surreal Consumerist Portrait

By Judith Harvey

Printed 2016, Edition(ed) 2019,

Backside, Screen print from 4 stencils, Frontside, Screen print from 9 stencils,

10 x 15 cm 

Being a verified member of People of Print has offered great opportunities, one example was an international Postcard Print Swap between eighteen artists including myself. Fellow POP member and Derbyshire-based printmaker Emily Woolford, setup an opportunity to connect with other creatives during an otherwise difficult time. From the call out in April 2020, to the making and mailing in June, this collaboration took place at height of the COVID-19 global pandemic.


Documentation courtesy of Judith Harvey, 2020. 

Woolford instructed the eighteen artists to print a postcard size work, post the printed postcard to a fellow collaborator and in return we would all receive one. By taking part in the print swap artists could then connect with each other, even though it was prohibited to physically meet. Below is the print I received in the mail from Sarah Bissell, along with a few interesting facts about the artist! One fact was that they ran a bespoke Risograph Press based in Edinburgh, called The Gutter Press!  

I RECIEVED THIS from sarah Bissell.jpg



By Sarah Bissell,

Risograph on paper,

29 x 21

Image courtesy of Sarah Bissell,

Sourced from People of Print Pop Members Article

In the POP Members article July 9 2020, Woolford exclaims "I am so stunned at all of the prints that have been made, they are all so unique and incredibly beautiful”, concluding; “I would like to thank every single printmaker who got involved. You all gave me something positive to look back on in the future when we talk about this horrific pandemic“. 

Images courtesy of artists involved, sourced from @Emilywoolfordart Instagram, 2020.

Description information reads clockwise from top.

The eighteen artists included: Emily Woolford, Avalon Oakes, Bernie Rutter, Jeremy James, Jemma Gunning, Montez, Ashleigh Norrie, Maria Malkova, Emma Jane Nicol, Sarah Bissell, Judith Harvey, Laura Boast, Sophie Gibson, David Cumming, Ann Ong, Robyn Drew, Kath Bell, and Anastasia Krasteleva

For more information about this collaboration please click embedded article below. 

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