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Print Collaboration with HKPK 

aka. Desmond Chan.

In 2019, I had the pleasure of collaborating with the HKPK who is an incredible emerging artist based in Hong Kong. From our collaboration came a culturally expansive edition of ten screen prints. We wanted to create a work influenced by Desmond's interest in Japanese supernatural folklore. Seen through a direct reference in the works' title and its traditional imagery.


The Durry Shovel Yōkai 


A collaboration between JAH & HKPK,

Edition of 10,

Silkscreen print from 10 stencils,

On BFK Rives,

765 x 565

Image credit: Judith Harvey 2019.

The inspiration we drew from a HKPK original small ink drawing, called "Imaginary Yōkai", 2019.  Our aesthetic focus was formatting the tonal variation into large silkscreen stencils without losing the subtly of the artist's marks. Conversely, the title uses slang to connect Chinese and Australian smoking cultures, highlighting the attitude towards the damaging addiction. 

My personal highlight of our collaboration was teaching Desmond how to screen print! He learnt the amount of preparation which goes screen prep. Also, I gave him insight into the world of ink mixing and what to consider during the printing process.

Printing "The Durry Shovel Yōkai"

Printing "The Durry Shovel Yōkai"

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Video courtesy of Connor Kwan 2019.


About the Artist:

Desmond is conceptually concerned with the political scene in Hong Kong, whilst also being influenced by Japanese supernatural culture. The mediums he frequents include ink, charcoal, aerosols, pencil, writing and spoken word.

Image courtesy of Desmond Chan, 2020.

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