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Mural Collaboration with Shazm8

aka. Jennifer Brady

It's a bold painted mural which incorporated text and graphic forms in a lo-fi grunge aesthetic, mimicking each artists' practices. The work takes a reflective lens to the experience of attending art school. The mural engages in a dialogue with the surrounding environment and those who occupy the campus.

The mural takes a comical approach to portraying everyday dialogue, as well as employing satirical cartoon-like visuals as a means of formulating a light-hearted critique.

Shazm8’s stream of consciousness, text-based art-making approach, coupled with JAH’s graphic, figurative drawings, developed a series of visuals which acted as translation of social interaction.

About the Artist:


Image courtesy of itsjordan

Jennifer Brady is a Sydney based emerging artist who recently completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Honours) at the University of New South Wales - Art & Design. Primarily engaging with language and ‘word art’, she has been actively involved in group shows since mid 2016 in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. 2018 saw Brady execute her first solo exhibition Betwixt and Between at Gaffa Gallery, Sydney; and both exhibit and perform at Brunswick Street Gallery, Airspace Projects, Bedrock Collective’s Long Weekend, and Women In Music Empowerment Day among others. Her practice has recently extended into curatorial realms, co-curating the outdoor exhibition Piece of Mind (2018) at Gallery Lane Cove + Creative Studios with Yanchen Li for Mental Health Month, and curating the group show d.i.why? (2019) at Kudos Gallery, Paddington. Brady was a finalist for the Lethbridge 10,000 Small Scale Art Award (2017), Jenny Birt Award (2018), and the Kudos Emerging Artist and Designer Award (2018). In 2019 Brady is anticipating a second solo exhibition and further experimentation into a curatorial practice.

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